Securipop Token

Nowadays, tokens can be used to represent everything from voting rights inside an organisation to purchased credits within an app. We view the development of this kind of token as a potential to fundamentally alter the way we interact in the digital world. This token can be used as an indicator measuring platform engagement.
The Securipop Token ($SECR) would be totally decentralised and would enable the construction of decentralised communication platforms, which will empower the consumer through increased transparency, confidentiality, security, and convenience. By denominating all messages/transactions in Securipop tokens, the Securipop stability is protected, as the token's worth is determined only by the ecosystem's services, size, transaction volume, and messaging volume.
The Securipop Token concept is that by providing valuable content, you may earn tokens that can be redeemed for access to additional exclusive features on the platform. Users may also gain access to a broader choice of services through the platform. Securipop Tokens are directly tied to the value of their underlying application. With this consistency, our platform may appropriately price their exclusive features in tokens and continue to stimulate healthy network activity.
To be more precise, the $SECR token is applicable to a variety of roles, including the following: use it as a guarantee for initiating communication with or inviting new users to join the network, It compensates users for establishing nodes on the network, It allows user to monetise any anonymously produced content, it enables users to pay for any extra premium features that the Securipop app may provide etc.