As a society, we no longer communicate in the same way. Text messaging have become a part of our daily lives.People of all ages prefer messaging over calling or emailing when they're chatting one-on-one or in a group. According to a Nielsen Facebook Messaging Survey, more than 65% and almost 63% of baby boomers choose messages as their favourite method of communication. This trend is also evident in the corporate sphere. With the number of small and medium businesses utilising chat applications continually expanding. Business communication apps are well-suited to the changing nature of the workplace and offer plenty of other advantages. When it comes to successfully completing projects, communication is critical. Internal communication that is effective has been found to keep team members focused on a single goal, rather than each chasing their own vision of how the finished result should look. Additionally, it contributes to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. E-mail, while useful in some cases, is not as effective as a communication app. Long email threads can be tedious to read, but chatrooms make communication easier to follow and more readable.
There has been minimal movement in communication platform paradigm since the birth of the radio. Providers of what they refer to as free services record and compile user activity for the purpose of selling it to advertising in order to make money. A considerable monopolistic imbalance is existing in this system as seen by the fact that the emerging platforms with relatively small number of users have a really hard time surviving.
With the Securipop app, our primary objective is to empower our customers to take control of their digital interactions. Instead of storing messages on a hard disk, Securipop stores all messages in the server's memory. As a logical consequence, malevolent entities cannot access any message data, and data that has been deleted from the platform's servers cannot be recovered. Thus, Securipop provides its users with access to an impenetrable private network. With the blockchain technology, users get increased control over their data, confidentiality, security, and functionality. Each piece of data saved on the blockchain is secure and auditable, making it accessible to the entire public. Because their personally identifiable information is not tied with their blockchain address, clients advantage from data confidentiality while still supplying behavioural data for significant analytics. As a result of this decentralised consensus method, there can be no single point of failure inside the network, ensuring the authenticity of all transactions. By utilising the Securipop, we are able to fully leverage the blockchain's distinct benefits for communication enhancement. ​
A Securipop Token ($SECR) will be employed to perform the platform's specific communication functionalities. ​
By enabling $SECR holders to operate on the blockchain with Securipop services, Securipop Tokens ($SECR) will promote consumer engagement in platforms that integrate Securipop. While, ​by integrating the Securipop technology, a platform's interoperable communication network can be developed. This means that if both platforms adopt our protocol, a user on the first platform can connect in a highly secure manner with another user on the second platform.
What is end to end encryption?
End-to-end encryption is used by default in Securipop to safeguard users and their privacy. Only those involved in the chat have access to the decrypted messages. End-to-end encryption safeguards communication by limiting message decryption to those involved in the conversation. Even in the event that a server or network is breached, unauthorised access to the encrypted data is impossible.
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