Industry Overview

Messaging applications have surpassed all other app types in popularity. As illustrated in the graphic below, the number of messaging app users is gradually expanding, surpassing three billion in 2021.
According to the graphic below, mobile chat apps are very popular, with What's Up leading the pack with about 2 billion monthly active users. Telegram is also one of the top five messaging apps, with over 550 million monthly active users.
Today's most popular messaging applications, however, do not address or resolve all of their customers' concerns.
What’s Up weaknesses:
  • Registration requires phone data, which puts this data at danger of being hacked.
  • User’s personal information could been compromised as a result of WhatsApp software hacks, which target mobile devices with the help of phone numbers.
  • Messages are reviewed and flagged as "improper" by automated and human moderators, indicating that they are under constant surveillance.
Telegram weaknesses:
  • For registration, Telegram requires access to the user's contacts and collects IP data. That means users can only communicate persons they know, while the saved contact information jeopardises the security of their personal information.
  • Except for "Secret Chats," Telegram does not offer end-to-end encryption by default. This means that the messages can be viewed on the company's servers in this manner. which further retain conversation histories, placing user data at danger of being accessed by hackers.
Advantages of using Securipop:
  • Maintains message history and files on Securipop's network of anonymous, autonomous, and unconnected nodes.
  • Removes the security risk associated with centralised user data storage by avoiding any single point of failure.
  • Personal information that could be regarded sensitive is not collected by our’s application.
  • The usage of the $SECR token:
  • Earn $SECR token via different incentive activities.
  • Pay for premium services, send message blasts, create subscription channels, and other similar activities.