• $SECR tokens and the Securipop platform are not intended for speculative investment.
  • $SECR tokens are not guaranteed in terms of value or future functioning.
  • No guarantees are offered regarding any specific value of $SECR tokens.
  • No other privileges(rather than the ones specified) are granted in exchange for holding $SECR tokens.
  • Proceeds from the $SECR token sale may be spent how the firm deems appropriate, which may change as the $SECR token and Securipop platform mature and evolve.
  • The user assumes all risks associated with utilising the Securipop platform in any capacity, including exchanging, receiving, and accumulating $SECR tokens.
  • $SECR tokens are intended to be held and used by individuals who are informed and experienced with cryptographic tokens, their acquisition, transfer, and use solely for the purpose of accessing the Securipop platform's services.
  • There will be a pre-sale vesting schedule.
  • Securipop and its personnel must adhere to the laws of the country in which they operate. Our legal organization must adhere to the rules and limitations set forth in applicable laws. This category covers, but is not limited to: laws regulating financial activities, employment, fee charging, and sales.
  • An individual's usage of Securipop financial platforms from a country/region where the Securipop token or the use of blockchain technology is restricted will not result in Securipop token being held accountable.
Last modified 11mo ago